Gruffalo Challenge – October 2015

Headbands we made for our crafting challenge.

From the Beavers’ County Sport Day.

Remembrance Day – November 2015

Poppies made by the Beavers, later placed at the Cenotaph at St Thomas’.

Totem Poles & Wigwams – January 2015

Kicking off the New Year, the Beavers constructed and decorated totem poles and wigwams as part of their Global Challenge badge.

Mega Challenge Certificate & Visit From Furry Fred – November 2014

On the 21st November, as well as having a great night in the Planetarium with the Cubs, the Beavers had a Visit from Furry Fred.  Fred was accompanied by the County Commissioner Tom Stoddard and Assistant County Commissioner for Beavers Joy Templar.

They came to present the Beaver Colony with their Mega Challenge Certificate and a gift. This means they have completed 21 challenge activities this year!